Announcing Pi-Naps

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

It's official ... Pi-Naps is here.

Pi-Naps is our EEG shield for the Raspberry Pi, aimed at making it easier to experiment and explore Brain Computer Interfaces. It provides single channel EEG at a sample rate of 512Hz with 12 bit precision, includes battery management, a stackable header and even an RGB led and button. All of this can be accessed via our Python library - just a pip install away.

Pi-Naps EEG Shield
The Pi-Naps EEG shield, compatible with Raspberry Pi and following the form factor of the Pi Zero.

We've designed this shield to maximise compatibility and ease of use. It is possible to configure the pins used for communication with the Pi - such that they don't collide with other shields you may wish to use. This is done via either UART or I2C, and optionally in either hardware (via solder pads) or in software. For the most part, doing this in software will be most convenient, but if you have a use case where the default configuration isn't used, it can be a good option to reconfigure the system in hardware too.

There are a number of methods to attach your electrodes, whether home made or supplied by us. Dupont, solder pads or even 2.5mm jack. We will be releasing some compatible electrodes very soon, so do stay tuned on that one.

So Pi-Naps is here and for a short time longer will be available at a discounted preorder price. Documentation will also follow shortly and we hope to work with the community to keep developing and expanding the platform.

Oh... and keep an eye out for the Pi-Naps little sibling Tee-Naps, our teensy compatible board. Be sure to let us know if it's something you are interested in!



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