Revenge of the Synth

Imagine controlling a synthesiser with your mind. No, this is no Jedi mind trick, and it isn't top-secret technology locked away in the vaults. Time to learn the true power of the dark side. Blino's PiNaps device exposes brain waves to simple computers known as Raspberry PI. Installing a synth mind control program and hooking one of these up to a synthesiser enables the control of the synthesiser in a modest, but real way.

Now, the techie part. Synthesisers are a physical and/or virtual system which generates sound. As those familiar will know, the different components of the synthesiser can be controlled. These are often exposed physically or virtually as dials, sliders, keyboard keys, etc. Another way to control these is by using a message protocol known as MIDI. MIDI messages can be sent to the synthesiser and instruct it to change components. For example, a MIDI message can say "increase the reverb to 100%" ;) Using a USB to MIDI converter, a synthesiser can be controlled using a modest computer like the Raspberry PI. Stick a PiNaps on the PI and control the synthesiser with your mind. We've been working on a tutorial documenting all the steps needed to develop this.

Stay tuned and keep an eye out for when we announce the full write up.


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