The Tesseract

When we were invited to attend Bot-Talks 2019 we saw it as a great chance to take out one of our demo projects aimed at having a little fun. It certainly isn't meant to strictly adhere to the lore of any particular franchises but rather show jus how easy it can be to get a project up and running.

We'll be doing a more in depth breakdown of the project, including links to the code for this demo soon.

This project uses a cheap 'Thor' mask, modified to house a Teensy3.2 and our Teen-Naps_v0.2 board and electrodes. We then hooked up a neopixel LED to the Teensy and put it inside a 3D printed a cube made by using a gyroid infill pattern and printing without walls.

You can check out a short video that was filmed at the event below:


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