What's with Pi-Naps?

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Surprisingly, so far, we have not raised too many eyebrows with the naming of our first maker BCI device. None the less, it seems like there will come a day where curiosity is raised and so perhaps this article can shed a little light...

It's quite clear that the prefix is representative of the target platform that the shield is meant to work with. A quick cross reference of Pi-Naps and Tee-Naps and that should make that pretty obvious. The real interest is in the latter half of the name.

These names came from the parent technology that brought about their creation, Sy-naps, Blino's initial project of developing a sleep tracking headset. Of course, this was play on the terms synapse, and naps. During the development of Sy-Naps, we realised there was an opportunity to share some of the work we were doing with the maker community and being keen fans of opensource, knowledge sharing, and empowering people with the ability to take technology in their hands to make for themselves, we went for it.

As a homage to the project that facilitates them, we decided to inherit the naming convention for our first releases.

So there you have it, a completely non functional but maybe interesting bit of background! Nathan


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