At Blino, we believe that we have a shared responsibility for managing the environmental impact of our products.

We have designed our packing methods to be as easily and efficiently recyclable as we can. Despite this we know there is room for improvement

and whilst we will continue to improve how we manage what we produce, we are keen to engage with your ideas too. So head over to our forums to discuss this aspect of our business, whether that is suggestions, criticism or just out of interest!

Below we Document the how and what of our packaging:

It's always a balancing act when it comes to packaging. For our products we have high functional requirements to ensure our devices are well protected in transit. At the same time, we want to ensure that the CO2 produced in the production and transportation of our products (and packing itself) is minimised, whilst ensuring that the materials end of life does not result in excess environmental pollution. 


For the largest part, our aim has been to ensure packing is widely recyclable, with a small carbon footprint for production. 

REcycle: Polythene Postal Bag

These postal bags are durable and efficient to produce. They will never break down - but are an ideal candidate for reuse, so please recycle them. using you local services.

REcycle: Carboard box
Non Recyclables:
General Waste: INternal packing bags

These bags are made from a plant based material and will biodegrade in landfill.

Return : Electronics 

We are, and always will be, willing to cover the return costs of our electronics and products such that we can correctly recycle and dispose of them. Alternatively, we ask that you recycle these components as best you can.